Save money

Save money with simple actions!

Excessive consumption of electricity increases the economic costs of individuals, especially as the cost of energy is globally increasing, and the Arab region in particular. The irrational use of electricity also affects the life span of electrical appliances, which is reflected negatively on the financial stability of the individual or family.

Here are some tips from the “Maharah app” that will help you save money through simple and smart tricks that help you enjoy your electrical appliances without adding other financial burdens:

  • Buy electrical appliances that help save energy, which are in category “A” or “A +”.
  • When cooking using an electric stove, using the covering lid helps to provide a “quarter” of the amount of energy and keeps it from being wasted.
  • Use the power saving mode provided in modern washing machines, or set the washing temperature between 30 to 60 degrees Celsius maximum.
  • It is best not to exceed the cooling temperature in the refrigerator more than 7 degrees Celsius, and not to increase the coolant inside the freezer -18, which helps to operate the refrigerator efficiently and at the same time consuming a reasonable amount of energy.
  • Be sure to adjust the room to the right degree, as every 1 degree Celsius reduction reduces energy consumption by 15% per year.
  • As much as you can, try using a solar panel system, as it helps reduce electricity consumption by as much as 40%, which is not insignificant.
  • Use LED lamps for lighting as much as possible, as these lamps reduce the energy consumption by 85%.
  • Light-colored or brightly colored walls generally reduce the amount of lighting consumed, thus reducing the electricity bill.
  • Reducing the brightness of monitors (TVs or computers) helps to save electricity significantly.
  • It is better to replace any old electrical appliances with modern appliances that include energy saving technologies. Many manufacturers of different electrical appliances have begun to issue versions of these devices combining high efficiency and efficient power consumption, which is not available in old appliances.

Your place is your safety!

Your place is your safety!

Dealing with your place is a standard of life quality.

Nowadays, with the rising cost of living in general and the pressures of life that sometimes concern us with the importance of “selectivity” in dealing with the places where we live, paying attention to this value is critical to making periodic maintenance easier and less expensive, thus prolonging the life of the place.

Because we in the “Maharah app” are busy with the principle of “prevention is better than cure,” we draw in this blog to the readers a few tips that will help them to secure and prolong the life of places where they live or work, these tips will help you reduce the need for space as much as possible for periodic or emergency maintenance, which may cost a lot, especially those with low budgets.

Don’t buy cheap low-quality appliances!

Always try not to have the “price” as your primary criterion for buying the pieces of electricity you will put in place, and instead make “quality” your primary criterion.

Buying cheap electric parts without considering the quality of manufacturing and the ability to save electricity can cost you a lot of economic losses, which you will have to replace frequently, along with the side effects of these pieces such as waste of electricity and thus the high cost of bills at the end of each month, and most of all, low-cost electrical appliances may cost you “your life” since some of them might cause electric-shock incidents.

So always make sure to choose the appropriate parts and electrical appliances in your home or work, Purchase from reliable suppliers, and be sure to read the characteristics of the product and the guarantees granted to him by the specialized bodies globally and locally in the quality of the manufacture of electrical appliances.


Appearance is not superficial!

The features don’t only play a key role in maintaining the space, but also help to develop a sense of responsibility for the place, and the quality of the elements of the place contribute greatly to help prolong their life, in this context, we recommend that you check the quality of wall paints, curtains and mattresses, as well as other luxuries in the area. This makes it easy to clean, and they don’t get damaged quickly and therefore not affect the appearance or the essence of the surrounding elements.

Educate yourself!

One of the key factors in keeping your place where you live is less likely to be maintenance problems, is to be aware of even the basic rules of electrical maintenance or structural maintenance or any other area of maintenance that you find yourself able to learn to deal with it, not only will this help you save money, but it will also make you distinguish skilled professionals than others when the maintenance problem calls for more specialized intervention.

Consult specialists immediately!

Do not try to risk doing maintenance yourself in your home or work place as long as you do not know the basics of maintenance rules, this will increase the material costs, and may cause other problems you definitely don’t need.

Instead, turn to specialists whom are specialized in regular maintenance, after you have confirmed their skill and ability to find solutions to problems, then take their advice seriously.

General Maintenance

Practical steps for periodic maintenance

An individual can take some proactive steps to save time, effort, and money in the routine maintenance of a home or office. In addition, these steps help to create an atmosphere of satisfaction and help sustain the system.

As usual in the “Maharah app” we will offer some suggestions that can help you to facilitate the regular maintenance of your community; based on the opinions of skilled professionals in this field.

  • The accumulation of dust on the back of the refrigerator causes the temperature of the engine to increase and thus accelerate the Breakdown of the refrigerator, so we advise to work on cleaning this part first after the separation of the power from the refrigerator.
  • Ensuring the safety of air conditioners in the home is necessary to prolong life, so it is better to clean the filter from time to time and let them dry well before use.
  • Check the electrical wiring at home periodically, this will help you detect any damage quickly, and recommend the use of high-quality wiring when replacing.
  • It is important to clean and polish any pieces of wood in your home, as neglecting the cleanliness of the wood and non-polishing causes the crack and damage, in addition it attracts harmful bacteria and microbes.
  • It is best to immediately replace the batteries of the electrical devices when they are weak, and not to keep them for a long time in those devices so as not to damage them.
  • When the power is suddenly cut, it is recommended to disconnect all electrical devices attached to the plugs, so that the sudden return of the electrical current does not damage or reduce the efficiency of the devices.
  • It is important to remove the electrical devices from the sockets after use, as the exposure to electricity (even if in the case of shutdown or on standby) cause the weakening of the circuit over time, and thus reduce the life of these devices.
  • It is recommended to reduce the friction between the hinges of the doors and the wheels using the fluid allocated for it, which gives these hinges a longer life.
  • Using suitable liquids and fittings to properly clean each part of the house helps to keep it in good condition without collateral damage, also it is recommended to stay away from the poor quality cleaning materials.

Maharah App

Mahara Application: Technology for Accurate Maintenance

How many times have you tried to bring in a specialist and skilled in the field of maintenance work for homes or facilities, and was this a difficult task?

In fact, many face this problem, as their search for good maintainers for their homes or facilities often hamper on high maintenance costs, the lack of reliable technicians, and the presence of many unskilled or specialized unskilled workers, which causes them to increase costs due to losses resulting from lack of precision and professionalism, and thus lead to laziness in the commitment to regular maintenance of the house or facility, Given that they suffer while searching for professionals in their respective areas.

From here we launched the “Maharah app” for home and facility maintenance, the idea is based on employing technology to help homeowners and establishments to find the best skilled technicians in this field and request their help in less than a minute! by connecting customers to those skilled technicians in electronic form, and at the same time help customers obtaining maintenance services for their homes or facilities at economical costs, thus achieving the difficult equation: high quality of maintenance, for a reasonable economic cost!

We work in the “Maharah app” for home and facilities maintenance to make available the largest number of special maintenance areas provided to homes and establishments, such as: plumbing, leakage detection, electrical maintenance, maintenance of air conditioners, carpentry, painting, plastering and gypsum installation, roof maintenance, floor maintenance, and the maintenance of glass, wood and aluminum.

Thanks to the technology we provide through the “Maharah app”, customers will be able to determine the nature of the maintenance required, and to clarify exactly what they want by taking a picture or filming the problem, and then choose the skilled technician that suits the work required, and know the cost “accurately” to become aware of all the details of the work, and then the customer determines the location of work via GPS technology.

The “Maharah app” can also be applied to clients to obtain electronic invoices for the total cost of maintenance carried out, as well as flexibility in the system of booking work schedules to suit the circumstances of the client, In addition there is an electronic system to evaluate the quality of maintenance services provided by technicians in the application, As well as access to the best technicians in the areas of maintenance provided to homes or facilities, which helps to provide high quality, in addition to the Periodic preventive maintenance feature which will guaranteed maintenance programs for your appliances.

In the “Maharah app”, we have introduced a model of general maintenance services with innovative solutions, at a low cost, high professionalism, which in lines with our modern vision, which is moving towards the use of technological and practical development in order to help communities to get a higher standard of life. In addition to our desire to strengthen the culture of periodic maintenance of homes and facilities, through the addition of tools and features to activate them through the use of technology for a more convenient life.

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