Maharah App

Mahara Application: Technology for Accurate Maintenance

How many times you tried to get the most specialized technician at your home or company but were in vain to achieve the desired results.

A lot of people face these problems of solving their maintenance issues either at home or at their workplace. These problems can eventually prove to be very expensive due to the unavailability of skilled technician thus leading you to spend more time and resources to fix them. Furthermore, the unskilled technician might damage your equipment and make it irreparable.

From here we take on this challenge by introducing an App (Mahara) to address the issues of maintenance at home and other infrastructural assets.  We would address your maintenance issues in the least time and extremely cost effective manner.

The process would link the customer with his respective technician, electronically. This would help customers to solve their issues in bare minimum time and at a very reasonable price.

We are working at Mahara App to provide the maximum number of fields for maintenance and over a period of time, we assure you that there would be an increase in the volume of its services like plumbing, electricity air conditioning carpentry, painting, roof ceiling, flooring, etc.

Through this technology in Mahara App our customer can choose the category he needs and can explain what they really want through pictures or videos and then choose the qualified technician who can be assigned to this job. Simultaneously he can also enquire about the fee for the services and other details. Eventually, the customer would disclose his location through GPS.

An E-Invoice will be generated for the total cost of the job. The customer can also inform his convenient day and time.

Finally, he can rate electronically for the service provided.

We are striving to give best possible service for your money and time!


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