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Save money

Save money with simple actions! Excessive consumption of electricity increases the economic costs of individuals, especially as the cost of energy is globally increasing, and the Arab region in particular. The irrational use of electricity also affects the life span of electrical appliances, which is reflected negatively on the financial stability of the individual or family. Here are some tips from the “Maharah app” that will help you save money through simple and smart tricks that help you enjoy your

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Your place is your safety!

Your place is your safety! Dealing with your place is a standard of life quality. Nowadays, with the rising cost of living in general and the pressures of life that sometimes concern us with the importance of “selectivity” in dealing with the places where we live, paying attention to this value is critical to making periodic maintenance easier and less expensive, thus prolonging the life of the place. Because we in the “Maharah app” are busy with the principle of

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General Maintenance

Practical steps for periodic maintenance An individual can take some proactive steps to save time, effort, and money in the routine maintenance of a home or office. In addition, these steps help to create an atmosphere of satisfaction and help sustain the system. As usual in the “Maharah app” we will offer some suggestions that can help you to facilitate the regular maintenance of your community; based on the opinions of skilled professionals in this field. The accumulation of dust

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Maharah App

Mahara Application: Technology for Accurate Maintenance How many times have you tried to bring in a specialist and skilled in the field of maintenance work for homes or facilities, and was this a difficult task? In fact, many face this problem, as their search for good maintainers for their homes or facilities often hamper on high maintenance costs, the lack of reliable technicians, and the presence of many unskilled or specialized unskilled workers, which causes them to increase costs due

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