Q: What is Maharah Application?

Maharah Application it’s an App That provide maintenance services and home construction work, and it facilitate access to technicians specialists (Mahers).

Q: How to use?

In less than a minute, in three simple steps:
1.Choose the service.
2.Give some information.
3.Proceed The Mission.

Q: The advantage of using Maharah Application?

When you need to insure the maintenance work we provide you with the best specialist Mahers , while ensuring the quality of work ,saving your time, and your property.

Q: Prices level?

Exclusive appropriate market prices – Defined by Providing a good service to our customers without the need for annual contract or paying an annual fee.

Q: Warranty method?

We Provide Our Service with a warranty of the quality of the work – warranty duration different from one work to another, explains in case you placed a new request for a job.

Q: The possibility of registration as a service provider, and the rules?

Registration in the application of service provider – Maher / will communicate with the service providers and invite them to attend the workshop to discuss the conditions and the methods of providing services in a professional manner that defining us.

Q: Communication method?

By the number of customers service – or by sending a message over the App – or by emailing Maharah.

Q: Locations covered by Maharah Application?

Jeddah – Mecca – Riyadh and SOON the city of Dammam.

Q: What are the nationalities of Mahers and what are the most common nationalities in Maharah?

All The nationalities.

Q: How do you qualifies Mahers?

Mahers’s Performance test in a workshop.

Q: Detection fees?

We are in Maharah careful on providing our customers the best prices for our services with transparency and clarity through innovative pricing services system which ensures your comfort and your satisfaction.

Q: Why I do not prefer as a client a deal directly with a Maher?

We guarantee any work is done by the application only, in addition there will be no difference in the price.

Q: Do you register any one, or are there rules?

Yes there are rules – for guarantee the best level of a service to the customer.

Q: Can I ask the same Maher again?


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